Service Opportunities

We aim to make a positive difference both locally and globally. Golden Key chapters perform more than 200,000 community service hours each year. Giving is an art, and Golden Key members are privileged to enjoy this art in a number of ways, from local service events to events on a global scale. In July 2014, Golden Key unveiled its new service initiative called SPARK a Change. The SPARK a Change initiative is designed to harness the power of Golden Key members around the world to impact and improve the lives of at-risk youth.

SPARK a Change

The mission of SPARK a Change is to impact and improve the lives of at-risk youth (ages 0-17) through literacy, education and real-world preparedness. By 2017, Golden Key aims to raise $40,000, dedicate 400,000 hours of service and impact 400,000 lives in local communities & around the world. In order to accomplish this goal, Golden Key chapters across the world will host their own SPARK events throughout the year (with a focus on SPARK Month in October). For more about SPARK a Change, please visit

United We Serve

Step up. Stand out. Make a difference. Make the world a better place. Serve your country. Give of yourself. Stand up for what you believe in. Inspire others. Make an impact. Throughout our lives, we’re bombarded with messages, pleading, commanding and motivating us to give back to our communities and the world at large. Golden Key members have internalized these messages and made community service a regular part of our lives.


Service Opportunities

We aim to make a positive difference both locally and globally. Golden Key chapters perform more than 180,000 community service hours each year, and since Society membership is a reward for academic achievement, the service projects and charities it promotes are primarily focused on education. Learn more about opportunities to participate in literacy-related projects.
Better World Books (BWB) is an enterprise designed to collect used books from anyone who is willing to donate. Members of Golden Key International Honour Society place many collection boxes in designated areas all over campus, so Temple students can have easy access whenever they would like to make a donation. Afterward these books are shipped to the headquarters where they will await to be ordered from anyone around the world. Once the order is placed, the books are shipped out at a very reasonable price. This project was created in hopes of saving people a few dollars on books as well as the environment seeing as it may decrease the production of more books, thus saving a tree or two. Lastly, BWB run with the line: “What’s more, you love cheap used books and so does the environment – when you buy used, you save books from landfill and conserve resources.”

Relay for Life is a fundraising event of the American Cancer Society in which Golden Key members volunteer to participate and request donations from an outside source in efforts to raise money for cancer research, as well as those who suffer from cancer. This event is held “to spread cancer awareness, celebrate the lives of survivors, remember those who lost their lives to cancer, and unite a community in the fight against cancer.” This event is typically held at the Pavilion at Temple University on an evening in March and last throughout the entire night.

Global Youth Service Day is an international event that takes place once a year and celebrates the contributions of youth to their communities through volunteering and charity work. Golden Key is an active participant in this special day, as its members organize local service events focused on learning. Find out more.

Make a Difference Day is a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors, Make a Difference Day is a national day dedicated to helping others in the communities in which we live. Golden Key members are a large part of the 3 million people around the country who volunteer on Make a Difference Day each year. Learn how you can make a difference



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